Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano Bellator 300

Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano Official for Bellator 300 in San Diego

Cris Cyborg is defending her Bellator featherweight title for the fifth time against Cat Zingano at UFC 300. Zingano earned a title shot after an incredible win over Leah McCourt. She won a tough bloody three-round decision. Cyborg has been looking forward to this fight for a long time. It almost seemed like this fight would never happen. This is a battle between two of the biggest names to ever compete in the sport. Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano is a fight that the MMA community has been asking for, it’s finally here. The bout takes place October 7th in San Diego, both of their backyards.

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Cris Cyborg is going to be a big favorite going into this fight. Zingano is on a four-fight winning streak and should not be taken lightly. This fight is one of four title fights in an amazing night of action. It’s being hailed as the greatest Bellator event of all time.

This is going to be an intense war, both Cyborg and Zingano are dangerous.

Cris Cyborg is the greatest featherweight of all time. If you look at her career its solid, Cyborg showed little to no weakness her entire career. Except for the Nunes knockout which became her most famous fight. Cyborg rallied for a rematch with Nunes but it never happened.

Cris Cyborg vs Cat Zingano

Cyborg early on would level her opponents but over time Cris Cyborg became more patient and poised and became an overall great martial artist.

Cyborg won five in a row in Bellator, she also won her last UFC fight before he left the UFC on her own. Cat Zingano on the other hand actually beat Amanda Nunes at UFC 178 at bantamweight.

This is a fight I’ve always wanted to see. If Cyborg were to lose some questions would begin to arise about her current status as an all time great of the sport. Cat Zingano has her own place in MMA history and is one of the greatest as well. Never a champion Cat Zingano gets the opportunity at Bellator 300 once again. She had a chance at a UFC title but was submitted quickly.

Zingano is also on a big winning streak but in her fight versus Pam Sorenson her knee looked to be in poor shape. Cyborg is going to be targeting that knee. Both fighters know each other well and will be looking to exploit weaknesses they think they see.

We know that Zingano wants to take Cyborg down to the ground so that is pivotal in the outcome of this championship fight. If Zingano at 41 can take Cyborg down she might be able to take her somewhere nasty and beat her down. Cyborg standing up will be too much for Zingano. Cyborg should be able to easily pick her apart.

Another aspect to the fight is that it’s 5 rounds. Zingano has not been to later rounds ever in her career but in her last fight with Leah McCourt she was incredible and won the decision in a really tough fight. It looks like Zingano relies and her sheer will to get her thought adverse times and Cyborg needs to understand that if she wants to put down Zingano she’s has to do it forcefully, if Cat is in severe pain she will crumble, Cyborg needs to bring the pain.

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