Ronda Rousey vs Ebanie Bridges

Ebanie “Blonde Bomber” Bridges is Boxing’s Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is the woman that really brought attention to women’s MMA. It’s a fact.

When the sport began there were many women who competed. Ronda was not the first and in my opinion, wasn’t even the best. It was Ronda that really brought the views to the sport along with UFC and Dana White.

I remember when the sport was hanging by a thread. It was Strikeforce and the great Scott Coker believed in the sport. He was the man that really brought it up a level, from Hook N’ Shoot to a big stage. Ronda Rousey was that big name that Coker developed. He also was the guy that found big talents like Luke Rockhold and Daniel Cormier.

It was a little too late Strikeforce was already being shut down or closed for business. The sport of women’s MMA only had one chance, the chance that Dana White would allow women to compete and at that point in time it seemed bleak. Why? Dana White said it himself “Women will never compete in the UFC.” Maybe Dana was just saying it to say it or because he knew what his plans were but the public believed it and it looked like women’s MMA was headed to a coffin.

Ronda Rousey became the first female champion at UFC 157.

Ronda did it she defied all odds. She beat Liz Carmouche and took this incredible sport to the main stage. Dana White is a genius promoter and he saw something special in Ronda. He exploited it. Ronda and Dana together blew up. It became the big thing, Ronda Rousey the armbar queen. She was on talk shows on the cover of magazines. Ronda was on top of the world, but it wouldn’t last long. She eventually got destroyed and not just once. Twice. Both times were bad and the MMA fans eventually lost sight of Ronda. Ronda quit, and she left the sport that she made big.

Ronda made the sport big and women’s MMA can forever thank Ronda for that. The sport kept on going and other big names were made like Amanda Nunes, Rose Namajunas, as well as Cris Cyborg who was already a big name in the sport before Rousey. Ronda was the spark but for the sport to succeed it had to be great. Other women carried the torch for Ronda when she left but did any of them do it as great as Ronda did? In a way no, Rousey is a special personality and that is why the WWE picked her up.

Why Ebanie “Blonde Bomber” Bridges, how can you compare her to Ronda Rousey?

Ebanie Bridges is a social media giant these days. Even before she became the bantamweight champion of the world people were looking at Ebanie. Just like Ronda Rousey. They both have the ability to make a fan stop scrolling and just stop.

How can Ebanie Bridges be the female Ronda Rousey?

Female boxing needs a star to really carry the sport. There are so many great boxers these days like Katie Taylor and Amanda Serrano but neither woman has the ability to really carry the sport to the next level. A sport that has been plagued by sexist remarks from male commentators women’s boxing could certainly use a revival.

It’s a sport that has been around for several decades, it also had big-name women come and go names like Laila Ali and Christy Martin have all come and gone over the years. The thing is that women’s boxing had its opportunity to shine but never really did.

If it would have flourished, Ronda Rousey would have never made the impact she did. Ronda really made women respected in the realm of combat sports. It’s something that the Ali’s and Martins never really did. They never put women on the map the way Ronda did.

Ebanie Bridges has a charisma that these women didn’t possess. The question is can Ebanie get on the microphone and keep the attention of the public for a long time? We know that Ebanie can attract a lot of attention at her weigh-in or just by posting a tweet on Twitter but can Ebanie speak the way Ronda did?

Ronda Rousey vs Ebanie Bridges Breakdown

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Ronda Rousey says she’s coming back!

We all heard the news, Ronda Rousey promised us a comeback.

Why would Ronda come back to MMA?

She shouldn’t. These days people are making big paychecks if they have a big name and want to box. Ronda is not known for her striking but she is a big name. If Ronda’s coming back she may be foreshadowing a boxing match.

Anderson Silva, Nate Diaz, Tyron Woodley and many more have all put the gloves on recently and tried something different outside the realm of MMA. They wall went and boxed and they all got big paychecks for fighting in a main event vs the Paul brothers.

I think that Ronda Rousey is envious of that and she has big pockets she needs to fill. Living on acres of land Ronda needs some financial stimulation.

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Ronda Rousey vs Ebanie Bridges

Ronda Rousey needs the money. Ebanie Bridges needs that big-name opponent. Everyone knows Ronda Rousey, just go out on the street and ask someone. I bet you they will say yes. Ebanie Bridges still has a while to go. Putting her in a ring against Ronda would be Bridge’s big shot at Glory.

Bridges is a boxer and most likely would have her way with Ronda in a ring. Rousey is much bigger and stronger but her hands lack the expertise.

It would be a battle between what is still most likely the biggest name in female combat sports “Ronda Rousey” versus a woman who is on the verge of really breaking out. Ebanie “Blonde Bomber” Bridges is a mega talent, she outclasses her competitors on social media.

She’s interesting and fun to look at but Bridges needs to add more to her bucket of skills and putting her up against the charismatic actress Rousey would really bring that extra dynamic to the equation.

Only time will tell but I have a feeling this is on the horizon.

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