Logan Paul – MMA Rematch With Dillon Danis Is Not On The Cards

In a recent episode of Impaulsive, Logan Paul pulled no punches when discussing his MMA aspirations and his controversial bout against Dillon Danis at Misfits PRIME. Paul may have emerged victorious in their boxing match, but he made it clear that a rematch in the MMA cage was not in the cards.

The YouTube sensation expressed his views on the situation, stating, “He doesn’t deserve the platform.” Paul highlighted the unsportsmanlike conduct exhibited by Danis, a reference to the contentious pre-fight buildup. Danis had mercilessly attacked Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, with a barrage of insults, innuendo, and what Agdal claimed to be illegally hacked photos that violated revenge porn laws.

However, Paul was far from blameless in this sordid affair. He admitted to his own part in the chaos, recalling the moment he launched a PRIME bottle at Danis during a press conference. The bottle toss triggered a brawl that culminated in Danis hurling a microphone at Paul, causing a serious cut to the social media star’s face.

Paul candidly described his reaction to the incident: “I was devastated.” He further confessed to scurrying out of the chaotic scene, avoiding the cameras to conceal the extent of his injuries. He even acknowledged that he almost gave Danis a valid reason to back out of a potential rematch.

The drama surrounding Logan Paul and Dillon Danis continues to captivate fans, but it appears that their rivalry will remain confined to the boxing ring. Despite the handshake agreement, the MMA showdown remains a distant dream, leaving fans to wonder about the potential showdown that might have been.

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