UFC 294 Results and Review: Early Prelims

Shara Magomedov vs Bruno Silva:


Shara Magomedov on his UFC debut opens up with an impressive performance. This was  against a good opponent like Bruno Silva, who also went three rounds with Alex Pereira.


Shara Magomedov proved why the hype was there for him. He displayed his very creative and unique striking. Evidence to show this is a spin kick of his back. Magomedov put a lot of damage on both of Silva’s legs with heavy leg kicks throughout slowing the Brazilian down. Silva did find a flaw in ‘Shara Bullet’s’ game with his lack of takedown defense. This  will come with more experience and against top competition, he did use being on his back to his advantage slicing open Silva’s head with devastating elbows from guard. Furthermore, Shara has great elbows and knees in the pocket and in clinches making him dangerous in the pocket. Shara looked great on the feet but is limited with his takedown defense and giving Silva over 6 minutes of control time.


Shara Magomedov defeats Bruno Silva 30-27.A unanimous decision. This was a little controversial given Silva’s control in round 3, so it could maybe be seen as 29-28.

The Future:

These issues could be colossal against the divisions best and great grapplers in the middleweight division. People like Marvin Vettori, Khamzat Chimaev and Jack Hermansen would like this matchup currently. Magomedov is still young and will grow fighting tough opponents so this shouldn’t be an issue soon.


Viktoriia Dudakova vs Jinh Yu Frey:


Dudakova uses effective knees in the clinch, round 1 is mostly highlighted by Dudakova ‘s knockdown at the end with fast hands and good power for the division. Frey starts round 2 with a takedown, Dudakova was very open to this. 4 minutes of control by Frey dominating the round. Head kick from Dudakova does land but ends 10-9 Frey. Levelled up into round 3, Dudakova uses a stiff right hand multiple times. She was much quicker than Frey on the feet. Frey takes control by holding Dudakova against the cage. Round ends with a brilliant body kick by Dudakova. Unanimous decision for Dudakova in a close fight.


Viktoriia Dudakova defeats Jinh Yu Frey. A unanimous decision, 29-28 on all scorecards.

Nathaniel Wood vs Muhammad Naimov:


Immediately, Naimov drops Wood with a right hand whilst exchanging. Wood is then put against the cage and hit with heavy shots. 2 low blows land from Naimov leading to timeout. Eventually, Wood lands a superb straight right hand dropping Naimov, Still 10-9 Naimov. Round 2 starts with another groin shot to Wood. Takedowns for both come in this round from the clinch but more control for Naimov. Kimura attempt in both rounds for Wood but don’t come off. After striking to start round 3, Naimov gets a takedown. 1 minute to go and Wood piles pressure on landing heavy shots with big damage. Naimov goes for a spinning kick attempt and Wood ends on top landing ground and  pound. Good fight and Naimov edges out the Londoner.


Muhammad Naimov defeats Nathaniel Wood. A unanimous decision,29-28 on all scorecard for Naimov.

Mike Breeden vs Anshul Jubli:


Exchanging in the pocket, Jubli often landed cleaner shots. Jubli utilized knees in the clinch. Breeden did catch Jubli on the chin whilst he was ripping to the body. Body shots and teeps were also important for Jubli ‘s 10-9 round. Round 2, Jubli lands heavy right hand after takedown attempt, then teeps to the body and clinch knees still effective, Breeden kept swinging back but Jubli wins the round. Breeden begins to pour pressure onto Jubli (the debutant) but he crumbles. Breeden tees off on Jubli despite all the damage sustained. Therefore, Jubli couldn’t answer back and looked stunned. Big right hand from Breeden knocks Jubli down and Goddard steps in. Breeden makes a courageous comeback.


Mike Breeden defeats Anshul Jubli. TKO in Round 3. Jubli was up 2 rounds but Breeden made a great comeback.



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