Johnny Walker ‘told the doctor he was fighting in the desert’

In a wild turn of events, Johnny Walker found himself deep in the desert of controversy during a scintillating showdown against Magomed Ankalaev at UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi. The light-heavyweight brawl was marred by chaos, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Walker’s night took a devastating turn when he absorbed an illegal knee to the head. The Brazilian dynamo was granted a five-minute respite to shake off the cobwebs, but the ringside doctor swooped in with rapid judgment, deeming him unfit to carry on. While Walker seemed coherent on our screens, the doctor’s hasty decision raised eyebrows.

It wasn’t until after the dust settled that a peculiar exchange came to light. Reporters revealed that Walker’s coach, the legendary John Kavanagh, disclosed a surreal moment. The doctor posed a simple question, “Where are you?” In response, Walker uttered the enigmatic words, “the desert.” The surreal reply left the crowd bewildered.

Infuriated by the abrupt end, Walker’s frustrations boiled over as he shoved the referee and engaged in a heated exchange with the doctor. Meanwhile, Ankalaev and the Brazilian bomber remained poised for combat, trapped in the frenzy of the moment.

The chaos escalated to such an extent that even UFC President Dana White had to leave his seat and step into the octagon to restore order. With the atmosphere in turmoil, Bruce Buffer eventually declared, “Doctor’s advice due to a foul, the fight is declared a no contest.”

Conor McGregor, a fellow SBG gym member, voiced his bewilderment over the decision. He tweeted, “Johnny Walker fight was a no contest? He got illegally cracked on the jaw with a knee and couldn’t continue. A DQ win. How on earth a no contest?”

The same doctor faced criticism earlier in the evening when he disputed Victor Henry’s claim of a low blow. Henry’s agonized response, “No, no, it hit my… it’s all d*** and balls. My d*** feels repulsive,” left the crowd in disbelief. Commentator Jon Anik chimed in, “Come on, man! And now the doctor is going to tell him it didn’t hit his testicles?! Come ON, man!”

Referee Daniel Movahedi, sensing the foul, intervened, concluding the bout. The fans voiced their displeasure with a chorus of boos, leaving the outcome shrouded in controversy. The question lingers – will the decision stand, or will we witness a rematch in the near future? MMA fans worldwide eagerly await the verdict.

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