Dana White Is in Discussions With Conor McGregor After Recent UFC Rant

‘’Gonna Figure Something Out’’ Says Dana White

Dana White reveals ongoing discussions with Conor McGregor following the Irishman’s recent UFC rant.

UFC CEO Dana White revealed in an Instagram Live chat on Wednesday that Conor McGregor may not have to wait much longer to secure his next fight. The two are discussing the next steps for the former two-division champion.

“We talked tonight. I’m in Abu Dhabi, he’s in Dubai. We’re gonna figure something out. We’re talking.”White revealed on Instagram Live.

McGregor, sidelined since breaking his leg in a loss to Dustin Poirier at UFC 264 in July 2021, voiced frustration over the lack of fight scheduling and pointed the blame at the UFC for his inactivity.

Notorious Back in Action

Conor McGregor‘s highly awaited UFC comeback advanced in October with his official re-entry into the drug-testing pool, in collaboration with the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Targeting April 2024 for his potential return aligns with USADA regulations.

Following re-entry, McGregor promptly underwent the necessary drug-testing procedures, marking a important step in preparation for his eagerly anticipated return to competitive MMA action.

Michael Chandler suggests Conor McGregor may be angling for a trilogy fight against Nate Diaz rather than facing him. The anticipated bout between Chandler and McGregor, stemming from their coaching roles on The Ultimate Fighter, was initially expected by the end of 2023.

However, with McGregor re-entering the USADA testing pool just recently, Chandler, speaking on Steve-O’s Wild Ride! – Podcast speculates that McGregor might be deliberately avoiding their showdown.

Sean O’Malley Comments on the Situation

UFC bantamweight champion Sean O’Malley puts forth a theory on his podcast, suggesting that Conor McGregor‘s delayed return might be primarily due to financial considerations for the company.

O’Malley suggests that Conor McGregor‘s payment arrangement might be adversely affecting the UFC, contributing to the challenge of securing him a fight card.

Conor McGregor, undeniably the UFC‘s biggest star, is widely acknowledged for putting MMA into the mainstream. Given his monumental impact on the sport, it’s unsurprising that he ranks among the highest-paid fighters in history.

In the ever-evolving story of Conor McGregor‘s return, the talks, speculations, and revelations persist, creating an air of excitement and uncertainty. The stage is set, and the drama surrounding McGregor’s comeback adds another layer to the dynamic narrative of UFC‘s biggest star.




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