Dustin Poirier Calls UFC 302 His ‘Last Shot,’ Thinks Islam Makhachev Is Overlooking Him

In the looming clash at UFC 302, Dustin Poirier’s confidence is surging, hinting that Islam Makhachev might be underestimating him. Poirier, who steps up after others couldn’t, reveals the intensity of his last-minute call-up, highlighting his determination.

Makhachev, the reigning pound-for-pound kingpin, emanates confidence, branding Poirier an “easy” target. But Poirier, with an unwavering resolve, sees through the facade, sensing Makhachev’s disregard.

Poirier’s journey is one of redemption, fueled by past defeats and fueled by familial inspiration. This bout is more than just a title shot; it’s his final chance to etch his name in the annals of MMA history.

As the clock ticks down to UFC 302, Poirier remains steadfast, driven by a desire to prove his worth and set an example for his daughter. With the spotlight on him, he aims to seize the moment and etch his legacy in stone.

Come June 1st, the Prudential Center will witness a clash of titans, where Poirier’s dreams collide with Makhachev’s reign. Brace yourselves for a showdown of epic proportions.

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