Wanderlei Silva Responds To Luke Barnatt Calling Him Out

Wanderlei Silva - A Born Warrior
Wanderlei Silva – A Born Warrior


‘Sonnen and Belfort are the opponents that I want to face and these fights have to happen. When Sonnen is good to fight, it can happen. There are other guys, like that one who lost to Belfort, Luke Rockhold. I wasn’t even thinking about him but I was asked if I could face him and I said it could be. I just know who he is because he lost to Belfort. This other skinny one (Barnatt) smells like easy money. I don’t know who he is. I looked his picture and said: ‘I can’t believe it, this skinny guy?’. To beat fools like him is easy money. I would accept giving him a beating, for sure.’



So it looks like Wanderlei Silva is in, I think it would be a great fight, Both guys love to stand and bang, though i’m pretty sure Barnatt’s lack of head movement would mean he would succumb to a Wanderlei onslaught. I think it would end in a round after an absolute war, you never know Barnatt may actually use his size and reach to his advantage for once!

Make it happen Dana, I want to see Wanderlei fight again soon



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