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The Unspoken Tragedy of Daniel Cormier

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones do not like each other. This is well established, this is well documented. Who people support, the fans seem mixed, many love Jon Jones for his brash attitude, his undeniable skill, the natural instinct to have an emotional attachment to a heel, the villain. From his failed drug tests, having events moved or cancelled to his problems behind the wheel. Many people ponder, but why does Daniel Cormier want to fight Brock Lesnar? After all, he has tested positive in the past, why does Daniel seem to like Brock, even if he hasn’t said he has. Many people know that Daniel Cormier is a huge fan of professional wrestling, so there is a strong likelihood that he watched and admired Brock as a professional wrestler, why wouldn’t he? Brock was an NCAA D1 Champion, he was in the main event of WrestleMania against an even more accomplished wrestler in Kurt Angle, so it is likely that Daniel has a lot of respect for Brock as he knows how the professional wrestling business works, but why does he despise Jon Jones?

A dark moment of Daniel Cormier’s past is that his daughter was unfortunately killed in a car accident in 2003. This tragedy struck Daniel a year before the 2004 Olympic Games and he came 4th place despite this tragedy. Whether or not this is one of the reasons that Daniel Cormier hates Jon Jones so much cannot be known as Daniel doesn’t mention this tragedy often. However, Jones has a history of being intoxicated behind a wheel, to an even bigger extent he had a hit and run with a pregnant woman, fleeing the scene shortly after the vehicle collision, his negligence put his life in danger, this woman and her unborn baby. Now due to the circumstances of what happened to Daniel Cormier one must understand that what Jones has done in his past is not to be celebrated, this is the same man that once stopped a mugging on the day of his UFC Light Heavyweight Championship match against Mauricio Rua.

Whether or not the past can be attributed to why Cormier hates Jones so much cannot be known, however, one must understand that Jones poor decisions have indirectly effected Cormier, which is the pain a father feels. Jones is still young, he has a lot of time to make up for his poor decisions, however, Cormier has every right to hate Jones. There is a reason it is personal and it certainly is not for sales, it’s personal because Cormier is aware of a man who is not willing to learn from his mistakes, vast talent aside, Jones must make changes before someone is hurt beyond repair.


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  • Jackson Paul Downs
    31/01/2019 at 7:24 pm

    The fact that the many tragic circumstances of Cormiers past, as well as often having physical disadvantages, have not stopped him from reaching the current number one P4P spot is incredible. Big respect 🙌