Gegard Mousasi blasts middleweight division.

Gegard Mousasi blasts middleweight division.

Gegard Mousasi is a man on a mission to get to the top of the middleweight division, however he is finding top five opponents rather hard to come by.

Mousasi is on a 4 fight win streak, three of which have been by TKO.

He told FOX Sports,” I wanted to fight Anderson (Silva) and the UFC said ‘well you don’t have a big enough name’ but now he’s fighting Derek Brunson. Luke Rockhold is injured but I see him training all the time. Chris Weidman doesn’t pick up his phone. The UFC offered him that fight a couple of times. (Robert) Whittaker wants to go on holiday for seven months. I don’t know what he’s up to. I’m looking for a fight.”

Mousasi had publicly called out Weidman in December and apparently Weidman has a few names in pipe line offered to him by the UFC.

” He says he was offered a couple of fights? Who? Everyone is booked or injured.” Mousasi said of Weidman.Whittaker doesn’t want to fight until May or June, thats what the UFC told me. Who else is there to fight? UFC offered me to him to fight.”

Mousasi would be open to fight former champion Luke Rockhold, if his injury problems are over however he hasn’t been offered that fight as of yet.

” I don’t know, he says he’s torn his ACL a little bit and I’m actually afraid to take that fight because he’s still injured. I’m afraid to accept that fight and then suddenly he pulls out and I’m training for nothing. If he accepts the fight and he’s healthy, that’s a good fight for me.”

Mousasi is not happy with Anderson Silva, a man he has asked to fight for several years, he said, ” Of course I wanted to fight Anderson but I think he favours the guys he can beat easier or he believes he can beat easier. Derek Brunson’s stand up is horrible, I’m sorry. The guy is a good fighter but his stand up is just terrible. He’s an amateur fighter stand up wise. It was just a bar fight in his last fight.”

He is in confident mood no matter who he comes up against and willing to fight any of the top contenders.

” I’m ready to take any fight. From number 1 to 15, I’m open. I’m ready to take risks if the reward is there. I’d rather fight somebody in the top five rather than somebody in the top 15 but I’ll fight anybody. I will win. It’s as simple as that. I’m going to win. I’m very confident. They can look at my past losses and get confident off that but I’m in a good place right now and nobody is going to beat me.”

” If I fight the right fight, I’m a bad match up for everyone. I feel I have the best stand up. Luke Rockhold’s not going to take me down. Chris Weidman’s not going to take me down. Their wrestling is great but they have to set it up with strikes. Heavyweights cannot take me down at this moment so no middleweight is going to take me down. All I can say is I’m very confident. I’m looking to fight those guys.”

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