WWE’s Stephanie McMahon would love Ronda Rousey to move to WWE

WWE’s Stephanie McMahon would love Ronda Rousey to move to WWE

No one knows for sure what Ronda Rousey has planned for her future.

Rousey has kept fairly quiet since her second UFC defeat in a row by champion Amanda Nunes, following on from her Holly Holm defeat 13 months earlier.

One organisation that seems keen to have her is WWE with two of their personalities mentioning Rousey this week.

Rousey made a brief appearance at Wrestlemania a few years back and WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon would love to see that move made permanent.

“I would love for Ronda Rousey [to come to WWE],” McMahon told ESPN recently. “I know that she loves WWE and we certainly love her.

“It would be a match made in heaven. Hopefully, one day we’ll have that opportunity.”

This follows on from Paul Heyman, who looks after Brock Lesnars interests in WWE, mentioning Rousey while talking to Fox Sports Fight Society podcast.

“I think the WWE audience would embrace Ronda Rousey with open arms,” Heyman told the Fight Society podcast this week. “Just her name recognition alone is huge. It doesn’t matter her past two experiences in UFC.

“All that matters is if she got involved in a story that people could relate to and could sink their teeth into and get excited about.”

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