Conor McGregor: The return of the king?

Conor McGregor: The return of the king?

As we approach the comeback of one of the biggest stars our sport has ever seen the question that keeps coming to my head: is it for real this time?

People who have followed the career of the talented irishman as closely as me are hoping for the return to be worth the wait.

Now when we all saw this fantastic rise to fame and to the top of the game for Conor McGregor it was like something out of a movie but not all movies end the way we want them sometimes.

With McGregor having millions in the bank after fighting Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match and having his own Proper twelve whiskey company and making smart business moves outside of the octagon it made those fantastic nights sitting up watching the charasmatic irishman knocking out featherweights in the first round a very distant happy memory.

That was until we saw him come back to face the unbeaten Khabib Nurmagomedov this was a fight that personally I wanted to see,  but not with the Conor McGregor we saw that night. A Very flat footed Conor McGregor and almost a very uninterested Conor. Now although I felt he did well to stop the takedowns in the first 2 minutes what unfolded after was a domination. Conor came into the octagon slapped the proper twelve sign as he walked to his corner, it was more of a promotion for the whiskey than a fight that night.

I don’t want to dwell on the Khabib fight because if we had have gotten the McGregor who fought Eddie Alvarez to become the first two weight world champion in UFC history it could have gone down a lot different is all I am saying.

Fast forward to this year after his ups and downs a lot of allegations against him and a lot of twitter talk from the man himself, I have noticed the difference in what I have seen. Conor McGregor is interested in the fight game again, Paying close attention to fights that are happening in the UFC and putting his input to them which personally I like to see it shows hunger for the game.

With the fight date closing in against Donald Cerrone, Conor McGregor has shown signs of the old him that we didn’t see before the Khabib fight, He is posting a lot more of him actually in the gym putting in work, He is doing jiu jitsu classes in the Gi, Striking classes, Sparring classes He is showing that he is wanting to learn and finding that hunger for the game again.

If these small glimpses into the McGregor camp are anything to go by I am excited to see what the result is, Will we see the return of the kicks, the high pressure, the technical speed and power again? I hope so.

Myself like many others want to see a successful return to the octagon for McGregor, I hope that this is where we see the dubliner get a win under his belt and become active again and show the world why we all jumped on the hype train when he was coming up the ranks, fighting whoever Dana put against him and never turning down a challenge.

Is Conor McGregor back?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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