Matt Brown Defends Ghost Low Blow

During the main event between Welterweights Robbie Lawler and Matt Brown this past weekend we saw the second phantom low-blow in a matter of weeks. After Brown seemed in pain, veteran referee John McCarthy stopped the fight briefly for him to recover but replays indicated it to be clean above the waistline. Consequently Robbie Lawler wasn’t given the opportunity to pounce on his injured opponent and attempt to finish the fight.

UFC president Dana White brought the kick up during post-show interviews:

“That kick was legal that hurt Brown to the body,” said White. “I thought McCarthy would have seen it. McCarthy was staring right at it. I thought he was looking at it. That wasn’t a low blow. That was a legal kick that hurt Brown bad.”

Matt Brown defended himself Sunday via his Facebook page:

“First off thanks to ‪#‎theimmortalarmy‬ for your constant support,” said Brown. “Second off I’ve read some things saying that said I faked the nut shot. I would never do that in my fucking life. That’s bullshit. Period. End of story.” Wrote Brown

McCarthy also took to social media to clarify the situation, he posted on Twitter insisting that neither fighter was at fault.

“For information, the kick thrown by Robbie was legal, his shin moved Matt Browns cup, you could hear it, that’s why Matt was given a moment” tweeted John McCarthy

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