Demetrious Johnson champion again

One Fc just concluded a massive night of fights as well as one of the biggest Muay Thai grand Prix of all time on Amazon. But all eyes were on the main event as Adriano Moraes was defending his title against the man many consider to be the greatest mixed martial artist of all time. This fight was a rematch from April of last year when Moraes knocked DJ out in the 2nd round.

The fight itself was competitive as both fighters were evenly matched in skill, but the size difference was a different story. Fans of Mighty Mouse have gotten used to seeing the champ fight at 125, and this fight like all his other One fights has taken place at 135, with Moraes coming in a 5ft 8 and having originally missed his hydration test. It was evident that DJ was facing a man much larger than him, but then again when hasn’t he?

There were times throughout the fight where Moraes nearly shocked the world again, like in the 2nd round when he landed a head kick that shook the then challenger causing him to engage in a desperation shot but would ultimately regain himself and keep fighting. Moraes used his size difference to take DJ down and hold top control while using his quick reflexes to catch DJ’s kicks and swept him, but the former UFC champ proved to be too much and far more relentless than many expected.

While on his back Demetrious would be more active and threatening than Moraes, whose gas tank began to dip slowly but surely from the grappling exchanges. DJ landed elbows and strikes that cut Moraes open, as well as threatening with submissions and improving positions. Even though Moraes dominated the top control battle, his face was butchered and bloodied by the 3rd round.

By the fourth, Adriano looked to be running on fumes while DJ looked fresh and ready for the championship rounds. For most of the round, both fighters exchanged kicks and some clinch work, suddenly DJ unleashed a straight right that looked like it was being shot out of a cannon which stung Moraes sending him reeling back into the cage which gave DJ the opening he was looking for and good night Irene, he landed a knee flush on Moraes and regained his crown.

DJ returned the favor to the only man to ever KO him by ultimately ending him in a similar fashion. Many wrote Demetrious off and said the old man is past his prime, and in many ways, this fight was a version of what DJ experienced many years ago vs Dominic Cruz when he was outsized and outclassed by a larger opponent, but that was in 2011 and Demetrious is now amongst the GOATS. He showcased his skillsets and proved that he is still one of the most dangerous fighters in the world.

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