Fighting Top Team: MMA gym in Wellingborough opens for all comers

With each passing day, the UK is building in the MMA world and with it, establishing the reach and influence in many organisations. On September 4th a new brick was placed for the MMA community in Wellingborough.



With the sole purpose of bringing the community together from many different backgrounds, whether it be to train towards fighting professionally or to just build confidence in yourself.




Co-Owner Marc Bearpark: “We want to help the community and give something to the people of Wellingborough as there is nothing like this in the local area. a place they can bring their children and keep them off the streets and know they are in a safe and secure environment and show them what discipline and self belief can help you achieve.”


The community of Wellingborough will no doubt benefit greatly from the gym’s doors opening, as Martial arts offers an opportunity to not only enhance your physical health but your mental health, too.


Meet the Coaches



Lukasz Lepianka 

Brazilian Jiu-jitsu / nogi 

1st degree Black Belt under Robert Drysdale (zenith bjj)


JB Graham 

Muay Thai coach


Alexander Zevaghintev

Wrestling coach (freestyle & Greco Roman)


Marc Bearpark 

Kids bjj & Nogi coach 


Jefferson George

MMA coach


Co-Owner Lukasz Lepianka 

“I want to help both men and women achieve goals through hard training and showing martial arts is a way of life not just a sport”


Co-Owner Marc Bearpark 

“Here at FTT we are family no race, no politics, when you come through our doors we are one team all with different goals and dreams but as individuals we all work towards helping each other achieve our own personal goals, for the kid lacking confidence we will help you find yourself, for the lady looking to feel safer and learn to defend herself we will help you achieve this, FTT isn’t a just fighters gym it’s a place for everyone to become the best version of themselves” 


JB Graham 

“we want to make the gym a place where anyone can come and train and learn a martial art in a friendly safe environment and feel that they are a valued member of this team”


So whether it’s to keep fit, build self confidence or to take your 1st step into a career in Mixed Martial Arts, You will most certainly be in great hands.

So head down to 31b first floor Alma Street, NN8 4DH, Wellingborough, United Kingdom or contact the team directly via Email

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