Max Holloway feels he should have real belt

Fresh from his interim title win against Anthony Pettis, Max “Blessed” Holloway was quick to turn his attention to champion Jose Aldo.

With ten wins in a row for Holloway, it’s easy to see why he feels he is the best featherweight in the world now that Conor McGregor has relinquished the belt and feels the UFC should have made him the real champion as he is not hopeful that Aldo will turn up to any meeting between the pair. Rumours of a fight between them for Brooklyn in February would suit Holloway and he was hopeful straight after fight of it occurring now he’s not so sure.

He told the UFC 206 post fight press conference, “I said it in there in February and when everything was slowing down in the back I was thinking that I already had to give up Thanksgiving for this fight, had to give up my birthday and it’s hard to find the guy, like I said, Where’s Jose Waldo? Let me know when you find him. Team work makes the dream work. If more of us can look for him, we’re going to find him together. We’ll see what happens.”

He continued, ” I don’t want to give up my son’s birthday and Christmas for Feb 11 and he doesn’t show up. This guy has a knack for not showing up so we’ll see what happens. I’ve got to talk to Dana White first, I’ve got a brunch that I want to sit down and talk to him and Sean Shelby and we can talk business.”

It’s clear Holloway has shown he is the stand out featherweight around at the moment and a fight with champion Aldo would be a fight to get the pulses going, with Aldo standing in his way from being undisputed champion.

“This is my golden ticket. That mother f***** is always getting hurt and pulling out, it might as well have been the real belt. Most true fans know the story. Conor’s coach even said I’m the best 145’er in the world and then Joses’s over here saying he wants to retire, unretire, then he gets the belt, now he has the belt, now he wants to go up a weight class instead of fight so I don’t know. Most true fans know the storyline and most true fans said this should have been for the real belt.”

Unlike most fighters in the featherweight and lightweight division’s Holloway say’s he won’t go begging for a fight with McGregor to avenge his last defeat.

“I ain’t over here begging for fights. If that guy wants to fight me, he can come fight me. I ain’t going to beg. We’ve got so many guys on their knees begging to fight him. If he wants to fight me, he can come see me. If he wants to fight the best, you come fight ‘Blessed’.”

If the Aldo fight doesn’t seem likely Holloway won’t hang around to get back in the octagon.

“I was looking out for Aldo, I thought he wanted to fight and this guy’s saying he’s the best in the world, come and prove it. I don’t believe in guys waiting for title shots. That means that you’re a (expletive), you don’t believe that you’re the best guy in the world. I believe I’m the best guy in the world. If I’ve got to defend this thing 10 times before I get the undisputed that’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to prove to you guys, prove to myself and prove to everyone that I’m the best mother f***** walking on two feet and you guys are all going to witness it. This is the ‘Blessed’ show now and I’m taking over.”

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