Arnold Allen handed 5 month suspended prison sentence

Arnold Allen handed 5 month suspended prison sentence

UFC fighter Arnold Allen has been handed a 5 month prison sentence suspended for 12 months after his part in an altercation in a pub.

The incident took place just before Christmas at All Manor of Events in Henley near Ipswich in which Allen first got involved to protect his girlfriend who had been involved in an altercation with another woman. However the judge said ” after that you went wild, you essentially ran amok”.

Allen had told police he believed his girlfriend was bring manhandled and this was why he intervened.

According to prosecutor Michael Crimp, the owner of All Manor of Events, Andrew Hayward-Farmer had been trying to break up the altercation, he took Allen’s girlfriend to one side. Allen then came over, punched him causing to fall over, he then got up and approached a gate meaning to close it when Allen chased after him, kicked his legs away and then punched him at least twice. People then came to intervene with Allen punching and lashing out causing 6 women becoming assaulted.

Richard Conley, representing Allen, said Allen was not used to alcohol as he usually sustains for training purposes.

Conley said, ” it had a marked affect on his behaviour but more importantly a marked affect on his perceptions. It’s a matter of very deep regret that he’s before this court today.”

Conley added, ” he’s gone into complete protection mode. He’s abandoned all other consideration. His only consideration was to come to the aid of his girlfriend.”

Allen who has no previous convictions will also have to pay the victims compensation if £3250, 150 hours unpaid work and made subject to one month home curfew between 8pm and 7am.

Recorder Richard Christie QC stated, ” part of your training is self control and knowing when not to exert more force than is necessary and that’s plainly something you have done on this occasion

Your whole career has been (put) on a knife edge as a result of this.”

It remains to be seen if this will hamper Allen’s career with the UFC but could cause problems for him obtaining a visa to fight in the US and also his training camps at Tristar in Canada.

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