Tobias Harila Signs For Cage Warriors

Tobias Harila Signs For Cage Warriors

Swedish fighter Tobias Harila has signed for Cage Warriors according to MMA Viking.

Harila signs for Cage Warriors with only bad intentions in mind. The Swedish knockout artist boasts seven stoppages from his eight professional wins, a trend that has spilt over from his illustrious amateur career. The intrepid wanderer has fought all over the world, representing Sweden at IMMAF tournaments in Las Vegas, Bulgaria, Prague, Bahrain, South Africa and Singapore. He was a popular fighter on the IMMAF circuit for his ability to knock out opponents with the larger 8oz gloves.

Harila reached the pinnacle of his amateur career when he became the African open champion in 2016 and then the Asian open champion in 2017, finishing all of his opponents inside the distance on route to gold in both tournaments. When the decision came to turn pro, his record stood at 18 wins with five defeats, 13 of those wins coming by way of knockout.

That does not include seven of his wins that went unrecorded, meaning he had 25 wins over all.

As a professional, Harila relished having more weapons at his disposal. The 4oz gloves, knees and elbows made him far more dangerous. In his fifth professional fight, he became the Adrenalin Fight Night featherweight champion on a visit to Swansea, defeating SBG Dublins Phil Raeburn by first-round knockout. In his next fight, he beat Brazilian Carlos Eduardo De Azevedo in the same fashion, another brutal first-round KO. Unfortunately, he hit his opponent so hard that he broke his hand, which put himself out of action for the whole of 2019. That time out was put to good use, however, Harila recognised that his biggest weakness was wrestling. Throughout the duration of his hiatus, all he did was wrestle. He didn’t work on his takedowns though, Harila has never attempted a takedown in his entire career, and doesn’t plan on starting either.

In 2019 he repeatedly drilled the art of sprawling and getting back to his feet, anti-wrestling if you will. When his hand eventually healed he became even scarier because even if his opponents could take him down, they would struggle to keep him down, and if they let him back up, it was at their peril.

2020 started with a bang, literally. In February he fought Fernando Flores for the Swedish Bad Boy title on Fight Club Rush. Another first-round knock out came, but not before he got the chance to show off his new and improved anti-wrestling. The featherweight division was once again put on notice. Then the global pandemic was declared and the world was brought to a halt. But Tobias had already missed a whole year out of the cage, he wasn’t about to let a poxy virus get in the way, competing twice more in 2020. Another devastating win followed on Brave when he broke the heart of Rafael Macedo, forcing a corner stoppage at the end of round two.

Then, what fans of Swedish MMA are calling the greatest fight ever on Swedish soil, he stepped up to lightweight to fight fellow countryman Adam Westlund on Superior Challenge. He dropped Westlund multiple times in the first and last round, but we also got to see his heart and ability to overcame adversity in the second round. He was awarded the win by split decision, capping off a great year in the cage, while other fighters sat on the sidelines making excuses.

Now his attention turns to Cage Warriors with him expecting to make his debut in March at London’s York Hall. With Tobias, You can guarantee that he’ll give commentator Brad Wharton plenty of moments to bellow his catchphrase “unbelievable,” as fights with Hughes, Goodwin, Vucenic and Charriere beckon.

Written by Ricky Wright

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