Across The Pond Profile: Iain Postlethwaite of Ayrshire Fight Academy

A fighter’s journey in the professional scene is like a marathon full of hurdles that they must cross to the best of their ability in order to reach the goal at the finish line. In today’s episode of Across The Pond, you will meet a seasoned solider of the battle line showing the younger generation that steady patience always wins the race. A professional mixed martial artist since September 2012 and representing Ayrshire Fight Academy, Iain Postlethwaite owns a 4-6 record in 10 bouts comprised of two submissions and two knockouts. Postlethwaite has fought for numerous promotions throughout the course of his career as a professional MMA fighter including Evolution Of Combat, On Top Promotions and Full Combat Contender. He has finished all four of his victories during his time in the professional ranks with 100 percent of those wins coming within the distance. Postlethwaite has three first-round finishes to go along with a single second-round finish through 10 professional appearances thus far. He is 1-0 under the Full Contact Contender banner with one finish under his belt for the organization.

At SFC 8 Firepower, he defeated Robert Carlin via technical knockout in the first round. Postlethwaite submitted Mike D’ Augiar in round one via armbar at On Top Promotions March Mayhem. Then at Evolution Of Combat fight night 9, he knocked out Sam Whitley in the first round to earn his second knockout win as a professional.

In his promotional debut with Full Contact Contender at FCC 33, Postlethwaite tapped out Christian Tebbett in round two via heel hook. The victory earned Postlethwaite the second submission win of his professional career in addition to his fourth pro win overall in the process. Postlethwaite may have gone through some rough patches in his early goings on the professional scene, but he always manages to reverse fortunes when everything comes together!

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