Making waves: gifted amateur dives into pro division headfirst. Interview with Adam Cullen

Making waves: gifted amateur dives into pro division headfirst. Interview with Adam Cullen

Today we look at an up and coming Cage Warrior in Adam Cullen 2-0-0. Bursting onto the professional scene at CW 117, with an unbelievable show of talent, defeating Oscar Ownsworth 1-1-0 via rear-naked choke, 2:53 in the very 1st round. The light-weight from Liverpool is making waves to rock the very foundations of the 155lbs division, fighting out of Next Generation, Liverpool.

I’d like to start by thanking you for taking the time out of your schedule, to talk to me today. How was training? How good does it feel to finally be able to train with others at the gym again?

“Training is going boss, really enjoying the in-between camp phase at the minute. The gym is flying, with everyone getting ready for fights at the minute. It’s amazing to get back in with everyone, I didn’t know what to do with myself when I couldn’t train, so it was a relief to finally be back in with the lads.”

It must be an amazing feeling. To take away the gym from professional MMA fighters such as yourself, would be the equivalent of taking a carpenter’s tools.

Your many bouts on the amateur scene prepped you perfectly for the pro’s it seems. With your explosive first two Pro bouts being won in amazing fashion, would you recommend aspiring MMA fighters to stay in the amateur division as long as they can?

“100 percent, the experience you gain as an amateur is invaluable. A lot of guys are in a rush to go pro, but you can’t afford to make any mistakes, amateur is your chance to iron out all the kinks. I would also say to stay as active as possible and fight as much as you can, so the whole process is natural by the time it comes to the pro ranks.”

Racking up 6 amateur bouts before becoming pro, Adam has definitely learned the art of sharpening his tools before entering the hypothetical deep water of Mixed Martial Arts.

At CW 123 against Josh Plant 2-5-0, you fought with such Ruthless aggression. Is this what people will come to expect contemplating joining Next Generation Liverpool?

No, I’m a nice guy really, I’m not always ruthlessly aggressive. I save that for fight day, when you join Next Generation it’s full of sound people, who are up for a laugh. It doesn’t feel like fight training a lot of the time, because we are all such good mates, but obviously when it’s time to work we put the work in.

Next Generation MMA is the oldest and most successful Mixed Martial Arts school in Liverpool, “Quote from their official page.” With such big named “current and former” Cage Warriors such as Matthew Bonner and Paddy Pimblett amongst the many fighters who train out of Next Generation. It really is an amazing gym to train at, with world class trainers and the ingredients for a successful training regime.

The rear-naked choke won you your last two wars at Cage Warriors, you apply it to perfection. One of only a few I’ve seen execute it so well, you must train this technique so much at the gym?

“It’s becoming a Next Generation trade marked finish. Me, Nathan Fletcher, Liam Gittins, Matt Bonner and Paddy Pimblett, all finished our most recent fights with it. Don’t think it will be too long before all our opponents start focusing on how to stop it. But it’s all down to the Next Gen coaches, the whole back taking and finishing system is a mix of Paul Rimmer, Ellis Hampson and Adam Ventre’s input. Each one of them has moulded and guided me on how to finish from the back. I’ve got the easy part of copying what they’ve told me.”

To be successful in this organisation, guidance is a particularly important component to success. With such an amazing team behind you, as well as your willingness to succeed. the sky’s the limit with the right help. 

With such an array of abilities, as well as the quick deconstruction of your recent opponent. Who would you like your next fight to be, from the current roster?

“I’ll be honest, I’m not looking at anyone, because I want to fight every single person signed at 155. My goal is to smash every single person, so by the time I’m the cage warriors champ everyone will be saying I’ll kill everyone in the UFC and that’s exactly what is going to happen.”

I, for one, am looking forward to your return, as you’re becoming one of my favorites to watch in the 155lbs division.

Do you have a message for the fans and anybody you’d like to give a shout out to, and or thank?

“I appreciate that, everyone needs to follow me and keep an eye out for my next fight. I promise I’m getting better every single day, so plenty more dominant performances to come. Obviously thank you to my coaches at Next Generation and Peak Performance Liverpool, and shout out to my sponsors Exec Menswear, the Macro Chef and Fightright apparel, couldn’t do it without them.”

If you haven’t had the chance to witness Adam in action, catch up with his career, because you could be bearing witness to one of the most dominant forces ever to grace Cage Warriors 155lbs division.

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