Jake Paul vs Claressa Shields

Claressa Shields keeps On Calling Out Jake Paul

Claressa Shields thinks Jake Paul is mediocre. She’s not impressed by his latest performance.

She’s already seen him lose in boxing once and in his last fight versus Nate Diaz, she decided to give her opinion. She wants an inter-gender war, and she’s not afraid to say it. Pitching Jake Paul vs Claressa Shields would be a long shot. We have seen some inter-gender fights but nothing like that has ever happened on a big stage.

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The truth is if you watch an inter-gender fight it comes down to skills. Women can beat men if they have the skills to do so. Claressa Shields is literally the best. A former Olympian she is the real deal. Jake Paul on the other hand has not proven himself in the ring against real boxers. He’s only been successful in beating martial artists in a ring. If you give him a real boxer with real stills Paul might have a problem.

That is why Claressa is hoping that she can outclass Jake. She would be much smaller but if she picked the right shots and didn’t get hit by Paul it might be a fight she can excel in. If she beat Jake Paul the internet would go out of control. Jake Paul has people interested in him and that’s exactly what Shields wants. She wants to get noticed and what better for her than beating the most popular guy in the sport with the least amount of skills, Jake Paul

Shields does have a point, Jake Paul is mediocre at best. Nobody will tell you that Jake is a great boxer, he’s exciting and fun to watch but he still has a while to go before he’s called great. Shields on the other hand is great she seems unbeatable. At 14-0, Shields has already done the unthinkable, holding multiple titles in three different weight classes and she’s still only 28 years old. It would be a situation that Shields can’t pass up, she would have nothing to lose and so much to gain. If she lost to Paul he would look bad for beating her up. If she won it would be complete awe and people would start to wonder if she could beat down any man.

As ridiculous as it sounds boxing is a sport of skill and determination. Size does matter as well as power but if Shields could beat Jake Paul to the punch she could win a decision and take everything from Jake Paul. If Paul lost to Shields it would be a huge disaster, his stock would drop to zero and he wouldn’t be welcome back in a ring. If he did decide to return he would be mocked.

How do you feel about a potential inter-gender war between the two stars of boxing Jake Paul and Claressa Shields? Is this just a propaganda clown show or is there some truth to the tweets Shields has been posting?

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